Sketch Validation Pricing


In-house On-line On Demand

Sketch Validation, LLC offers this as a 3rd party application, a product of CourthouseUSA. You can expect to save up to 50% over the traditional geo-referenced approach.  A client jurisdiction will have unlimited access to the application at the desktop or in the field on an iPad on-line on demand.

The pay as you go component involves a minimal setup fee and a flat fee of 25 cents every time the initial flag is set for a parcel and applies only to the first time a flag is set for any given parcel. There is a maintenance fee after the first 12 months if parcels are still to be initially reviewed but there is no on-going annual license fee to use the application. Rather, the application is paid for through a one-time setup fee and as it is used thereafter for as long as it is being used.

 How the pricing works:

  • Find a mismatch
  • Set a flag accordingly and the fee is assessed
  • Fix the mistake at the desktop or in the field
  • Set a flag to indicate the task has been done and there’s no additional cost
  • As time allows, the application is sitting there waiting for any number of individuals to work on the sketch validation project in-house and on-sit


The Traditional Approach 

Sketch Validation, LLC is proposing to provide a service with the following deliverable for a price not to exceed 50 cents for each parcel that has or should have a sketch or a mismatch comparing the current sketch to the aerial. Deliverables includes the desktop application allowing supervisors to QC and manage the Sketch Validation Project. The review application includes each sketch geo-referenced over its associated rooftop, visible on aerial photography, and the flags set for that particular parcel; i.e. match, no-match, sketch missing, excess foliage, as well as optional custom flags. The desktop review application also allows supervisors to produce reports to support additional field work or provide feedback to employees doing the review.


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